South Downs Local Plan: Preferred Options


When it is completed, this draft Local Plan will be the first ever for the South Downs National Park.


The nationally important and much loved landscapes that were established as a national park in 2010 run as a golden thread throughout this key document. It builds on all the work, community engagement and robust evidence gathering that underpinned the Partnership Management Plan, which sets out the strategic objectives for the National Park, as well as the options consultation version of this Local Plan.


The future development of our communities is vitally important, but so too is the ecology and cultural heritage of this very special place. Development must conserve and enhance them, as well as providing opportunities for all who visit the National Park to enjoy and understand the special qualities that led to its designation. It is also important that the benefits we derive from the National Park’s rich natural resources are protected for future generations and enhanced wherever possible, for the communities living within the National Park as well as for the many communities, large and small around the National Park.


As well as building on all that has gone before, a wealth of new evidence has been collected for this Preferred Options version of the Local Plan, informing the draft policies set out in this document. The comments you make on these draft policies and the text that supports them will inform the next version of the South Downs Local Plan that will be submitted to the Secretary of State next year for Examination in Public.


It is therefore very important to us that we hear your views. We don’t want to know only what you would like changed but also which draft policies you support, so we know we are reflecting what people want. So please, let us have your comments so that we can produce a Local Plan worthy of the South Downs National Park.




Margaret Paren


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Please note that the consultation on the Preferred Options has now closed and we are no longer able to accept comments.